Money Spells

money spells

Money spells are designed to seek out positive ways of bringing you long term wealth.

They may help you increase your income,attract a better job, finding better opportunities for success and they may increase profits and bring profitability.


Listed below are some of the most popular money spells.

  • Fourtune spells
  • Success spells
  • Out of debt spells
  • Big raise spells
  • Business spells
  • Job promotion spells
  • Path of Prosperity Spells
  • Coyote Money Spell
  • Increase My Income Spell
  • Attract A Better Job Spell

Powerful voodoo money spells to attract money like a magnet

money spells

  • Voodoo Doll Money Spells: Cash collector spells to bring money and abundance when you need it.
  • Money Mirror Spells: Used for doubling or trebling the cash you have in your pocket (black magic for money).
  • Gambling Spell: his spell will attract great opportunity and success in gambling. Maybe you like to play Roulette, Bingo, Slots or Poker? Don’t go anywhere unless you had this spell cast for you.
  • Jackpot Gambling Spell: This spell is cast for clients who want a big change. The spell will make you win a targeted lottery. You MUST give 10% to Dr Mukra after you won. Become rich and wealthy with all the fortunes you’ve ever dreamt of.
  • Targeted Luck Spell: This spell is to make two specific areas more favourable to you. Maybe you are buying and selling shares or you have a career you need extra luck in? If you combine this spell with a career spell you will have a powerful combo with great results.
  • How to Use Black Magic for Wealth: Spells from the art of black magic can be used to do amazing things, in a range of different areas of your life. Whether you are looking for help with your romantic relationships, your career, or you just need black magic for money and wealth, black magic spells can help.
  • Black magic (also known as black magic) makes a lot of people skeptical, and there are probably plenty of good reasons for most people to doubt its true powers. Unlike more “real” methods for growing wealth, magic cannot be easily seen or noticed by the average person. However, if you feel depressed because you are going nowhere in life, you can use the powers of the unseen to bring joy and happiness back into your life.